Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh, hai.

Welcome to The Library, your portable, bi-weekly, book club podcast!

Have you always wanted to join a book club, but haven't had the time, energy, or desire to interact with the shifty guy who's always hanging around the Alternative Medicine section at the bookstore?  The Library is the podcast for you.  We're always looking for new titles to explore, no matter the genre, so head over to our Reading List and give us a suggestion!

We'd also like general show comments, so do send an email to thelibraryshow(at)
Voicemails are wonderful treasures.  Let us hear your voice on our next show! Call (646) 926-READ.
You can also find us on Twitter.  Follow @thelibraryshow asap, lolk? omg. bbq. niner.

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