The Library is a bi-weekly podcast designed to provoke free flowing conversations about books and the people who love them (and sometimes the people who hate them).  Formed in January 2011 from the remnants of three Harry Potter fandom podcasts (Spinner'sCast, AlleyCast, and HPFangirls), a diverse and ever-changing cast of hosts get together twice a month to talk about the books everyone is reading at the moment.

Email: thelibraryshow(at)gmail.com
Twitter: @thelibraryshow
Voicemail: (646) 926-READ

Meet the Cast:
(Note: The Library features a rotating cast of commentators, with only two or three remaining constant from week to week)

Kim: She makes tv shows but doesn't own a television, she tap dances, she knows all the words to "Sweet Home Alabama", and most frighteningly of all- she produces this podcast.  A television production nerd in her late 20's, Kim loves all books, but never had time to join a book club at her local library- thus the necessity for "The Library".  If she could have a literary twin, she would be "Jo" from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.  (Note: Kim doesn't plan to be a merry spinster raising anyone's unruly children, thankyouverymuch) 

Jen: She's a full time graduate student whose goal in life is to research cool stuff and teach college kids about it! She wants to have fun pretty much all the time. Though Jen is in her early 30’s, it is pretty clear that her favorite genre of literature is young adult fiction. She loves to travel, spend time with her husband and friends and is always in need of a good adventure.

Quinn: As a recent college grad- and he is milking that statement for all it's worth- Quinn currently lives in the frozen tundra that is Southern Wisconsin. As a native of Los Angeles, he spends most of his time in Wisconsin shivering, reading books, watching television and making movies. Quinn's sun sign is Cancer, and as such he loves the comforts of home and friends and eating nice meals. Which is difficult as there are no Souplantations in Wisconsin. Why he moved to the Midwest is anyone's guess.

Rosemary- coming soon!

Megs- Megs is from a state where there is weather, and Megs' father recently bought a farm (A farm, not THE farm) in his home-state of Wisconsin, so Megs is pretty sure that Quinn needs to man up, eat some cheese curds, and learn to love the snow. Wisconsin has lots of food. And beer. It's where Winnebagos come from. And it gets really hot in the summer. Also, Megs was obsessed with Laura Ingalls Wilder as a child. Megs remains bitterly disappointed that her parents never gave in and took her to the Little House in the Big Woods. Megs might have to kidnap Quinn for a Wisconsin roadtrip/pilgrimage out there. Megs likes salad.