Monday, June 6, 2011

Redwall, Kickstarter, and you


If you're not familiar with Kickstarter, it's basically awesome. People who are creative and entrepreneurial and stuff pitch you their ideas, and you choose whether or not to give them money. And a lot of times, they give you things! YAY THINGS! And if their project isn't fully funded, you still have your money! They don't get your money unless lots of other people also give them enough money to make their project happen.

But this thing...oh man...Brian Jacques is awesome. Redwall is a classic. I loved how much backstory there was to that book, before we ever read Martin the Warrior. Jacques has a lot of formula to his work, as I think over his books, but there's always a depth to many of his characters, and his world is so well imagined. The stereotypes are clear, but I think back to Mossflower, and how Gingivere is the good fox. (Jeebus, just look at his name! "-vere" = true! And his sister the evil fox? Her name means fortune or fate! HIYA!) Characters waffle and change and run the "D&D" character alignment spectrum

Oh, hey, is my nerd showing?

So, this project is currently fully funded. However, you can still give them money, and get paper mice! And make your own live action Redwall without making your Dad read lines off a sheet of paper and without trying to teach your dog to hiss!


/Megs over