Sunday, May 22, 2011

All the single Kindles!

I got a new Kindle for Christmas (along with this awesome lighted kindle cover) and while it was a catalyst for my own increased literacy and the inspiration for recording The Library with my friends- I'm beginning to realize I've overlooked a lot of it's features.

Whenever I notice something awesome about my e-reader, I'll post about it here. This isn't a ploy to sell everyone on Nooks, Kindles, iPads, smartphones or whatever knock offs are sitting on the Walmart shelves these days- it's just a way to alert others to (usually free) awesomeness that comes with owning one of these devices.

This time?

I'll admit it. When I first noticed the section of the Kindle Store menu, I thought it was an online dating service for book lovers everywhere-- and that's why I clicked (there's an idea for a dating site in this) on the link.

The site didn't lead me to pictures of well-read, employed, mature, and handsome men who also love spending time in libraries smelling old print and binding- but it did send me to a place where you can browse and buy short stories, essays, articles, or even memoirs, like "Project Runway" ringmaster Tim Gunn's Shaken, Not Stirred (Kindle Single). For some reason, Clancy Martin and Hank Chilton's Scalper: Inside the World of a Professional Ticket Broker appealed, and I plunked down 1.99 for the pleasure of a short read.

The story itself was interesting, but even more compelling was the excellent business opportunity for essayists and short story writers. I can imagine joyfully paying 2 bucks to read a new essay by David Sedaris as soon as it is complete. If popular fanfic writers are looking to expand their reach, this could be a great tool as well.

As a consumer, the Amazon Singles are just plain convenient. Like the books, while some Singles are free, most are not- but when I don't have time to devour a whole book, and just want a light snack, I'll definitely tab over to the Singles.

Singles Serving Suggestion:

Oxford Girl (Kindle Single) by Plum Sykes- the author of Bergdorf Blondes writes a short story about her fun college years at Oxford. It's gossipy and posh, but that's kind of Sykes' thing- so go with it. Reviews say the 25 page e-book is a bit too short (but fun) for the $1.99 pricetag, so buyer beware.

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