Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Disgruntled Review: Candace Bushnell's FOUR BLONDES

Whilst searching Atlanta's Freecycle listings for office furniture (sprucing up my home studio with a bit of luck and inspiration from DesignSponge), I found this gem:

Offer: Candace Bushnell's 'Four Blondes'

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From the author of Sex in the City comes this incredibly vain and superficial,
nonsensical story of four women with too much money and too few morals. It's
yours, if you want it. I'll leave on front porch. Reply with pick up time.

[Non-text portions of this message have been removed

I have to ask: What the hell was this person expecting?

Had she only watched the heavily santized episodes of "Sex and the City" that aired on TBS (and now the Oxygen network)? Also, having read 4 Blondes back in my "fabulous" college days (undoubtedly with a cosmo in hand, and eyeing a firefighter over the top of the book cover), I found it less racy, less interesting, and a lot more depressing than the HBO series it spawned.

Ah well. If someone goes to pick up the book, they should leave a 4 Non Blondes cd/cassette behind.

As least we can be sure Bushnell will never respond to this woman's review. Or if she does- it won't be like this.


  1. Also? Someone posted an ad for free wine on this site. Go pick it up, get the book off of that lady's porch, and have An Evening.

  2. I'd take the free wine but leave the book! I've read it before, not good!